The #1 Ice Vending Machine on the Market Today

Finally a machine built by machine owners for machine owners. Every single component of this machine was built so for one reason; avoid downtime at all cost.  Nearly a decade of experience in the industry has taught us what works and what doesn’t – this machine was built to work, both mechanically and financially. Our patented technology puts us light years ahead of our competition and is completely disrupting the market by introducing a simple, reliable and affordable machine that has the potential to be paid off within ONE year. 

A Unique Ice Dispensing Method

Our machines do not use augers and ice breakers. Instead, we’ve invented an ingenious new way of dispensing ice that minimizes maintenance and maximizes profit. It’s the most reliable ice vending machine that you can buy, the most affordable, and only uses ONE moving part.

an ice machine With a high roi

Our machine is $20,000 less than any other machine with the same capacity. In some cases, you could buy two or even three of our ice machines for the cost of one of our competitors – a redundancy model. This is a “no frill” ice machine that takes money and dispenses ice, period.

Ice Vending Made Simple

Easy Payment Options

Your customers will have multiple payment options, including the ability to pay with cash, coins, card or vend coupons.

Simplified Mechanics

Our patented design drastically reduces the amount of moving parts, allowing the ice to be dispensed with one barrel rotation.

1 Size, 3 Capacities

Our standard ice vending machines has a storage capacity of 800 lbs, with optional upgrades to a 2200 lb per day and a 2600 lbs per day.

Optional Upgrades

Tailor your machine to your locatin. Add remote monitoring, custom graphics, LED illumination & more.

Straightforward Setup

Just hook it up to water and electric, wait 24 hours and your ready to open up for business.

Visually Appealing

With our unique graphics, you’ll be sure to catch they eye of potential customers looking to by ice. 

Our Ice Machine In Depth

Vending Station

Patented never jam dispensing drum technology (one moving part only). Over 6 million vends to date without any issues.

Physical Size

  • Dept : 36 in
  • Width: 72 in
  • Height : 84 in (without ice maker)
  • Weight : 470 lb dry 2000 lb. full

Ice Storage & Dispensing

  • Ice storage bin size: 800 lb.
  • Average ice weight per vend: 10 lb
  • Cube size: 7/8 in
  • Time to complete vend: 6.8 seconds

Construction Material

  • Heavy duty – Aluminium
  • Large High Quality Attractive Graphics – Lexan

Ambient Operating Temperature

  • Air temperature ( min operating ) 48 F
  • Air Temperature ( max operating ) 105 F


The machine requires routine weekly maintenance (not to void the warranty) and money collection. Quarterly sanitizing will also be required

Available Options Accessories

  • Custom Canopy
  • LED Illumination
  • Leveling Legs
  • Custom GraphicsCredit Card Option
  • Scotsman Remote Monitoring
  • (excluding monthly fees)
  • 1400 lb. Ice maker
  • 1800 lb. Ice maker
  • Custom Bags
  • Filter System

Payment Options

  • MEI Bill reader
  • MEI Change manager
  • Credit Cards
  • Coins counter

Remote Monitoring

Pythio remote real time monitoring is available for the Scotsman Ice Maker. This is a web based management system that provides telemetry data to help manage your machines. It is a 1 year renewable contract with a monthly fee.

Utility Service Requirements

  • Electrical Service for dispenser – 110 volts 15 amps
  • Electrical Service for ice maker – 220 single phase – As per manufacturer
  • Water Service line size 1/2 in (min 20 psi max 80 psi)
  • Drain Service line size 1/2 in
  • Drain capacity 5 gal


  • Ice maker – up to 5 years parts and labour. (Direct with manufacturer)
  • Dispenser – 90 days parts and labour – 2 year parts only
  • MEI Bill reader – 1 year. (Direct with manufacturer)
  • Electric motor and gearbox – 2 years. (Direct with manufacturer)

Purchase Terms

  • 50% Deposit with order – 50% due at time of shipping
  • Lead time 6 weeks from receipt of deposit. Shorter lead times may be available based on inventory
  • Freight: ExWorks St Petersburg FL – Purchaser is responsible for shipping.

Ice Vending Machine Success Stories

Good job on the install of my new Ice Vending Machine. Great people to deal with. Chris and Kylie were always very responsive to my questions. Delivery was on time and professional.
Thank you Chris and Kylie for my new venture.
I did months of research looking at every ice vending machine on the market. After going to the factories, looking at machines in the field and talking to salesmen and owners, it was clear that The Ice Depot was the only way to go. Other machines are made of steal that will rust or complicated computers and sensors that shut your machine down for no reason. (if your machine ain’t producing you ain’t making any money). Others had melted ice dripping on electric motors. Most other machines had 3-4 motors and multiple moving parts.
The Ice Depot is the way to go!!

– Daryl Brown

Ice Vending FAQ’s

We get these questions from our clients a lot.

How much does your base ice vending machine cost? 

Speak with one of our team members to get pricing. We offer the most value for your dollar in the industry, period.

What different kinds of payment can you take?

Your ice machine will readily accept cash, coins (quarters only – no change given), and credit cards.

What are the dimensions of your ice machine?

All of our models (800 lbs, 1400 lbs & 1800 lbs) fit into our 36in x72in x84in frame. Weight is 470 lbs when dry. 

Can I customize the graphic design of the exterior of your ice machine?

You have the option to customize the skin of your ice machine. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in.

How long does it take to dispense one bag of ice?

It takes less than 20 seconds to go from payment to complete vend. It takes 6.8 seconds for ice to dispense in your bag.

How long do your ice machines last before they need to be replaced?

With proper care and maintenance, your ice machine should last well over 10 years into the future.

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