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The #1 Store Front Ice Vending Machine On The Market

Whether you’re starting an ice vending business or adding a new machine to an existing one, The Ice Depot will help you maximize your profit. 

Simple Ice Vending Machine


Simplicity is key to success in the industry. That’s why we designed our machines to be simple to operate, easy to maintain, and have only ONE moving part.


Our minimal design eliminates potential downtime on your machine. You’ll spend less time on repairs and more time counting your money.


Removing all the unnecessary “bells & whistles” has allowed our cost to be noticeably lower than competing machines.   

Our ice machines are $20,000 less expensive than our nearest competitor. 

See Our Ice Vending Machine In Action

Self dispensing ice has never been easier.

 Revolutionizing the Ice Industry 

The traditional ice distribution model where ice is produced at one location and then transported to be sold at another location, is extremely inefficient and continues to drive the cost of ice up.  The Ice Depot is revolutionizing the way ice is distributed by completely cutting out the middle man and simply making the ice on site. We have developed a reliable store front vending machine that makes the ice, collects money and dispenses ice, without any empolyees required. We invite you to join the ice revolution!

A New Kind of Ice Machine

After spending nearly a decade involved in manufacturing, selling and owning ice vending machines along with managing ice vending routes, we have developed an ice vending machine with an ROI that makes sense. Finally, a machine built by machine owners for machine owners. 

Our machine features:

  • Large bin capacity - 800 lbs
  • 120 - 350 bags a day
  • Made in the USA
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customizable - select cuber fit for you
  • Patented - drum technology
  • Best ROI of new generation machines
  • Remote monitoring
  • Commercially proven
  • Green - Uses 80% less energy than traditional method
  • $20,000 less than other comparable machines

Ice Vending FAQ’s

These are the questions we get the most. 

How does this work? 

It is a simple business model; you find a location, you choose the correct size machine and you install the unit. Repeat as your business grows.

 How much money can you make vending ice?

Location, location, location. Where you place your machine, will determine how much money you can make. A great benefit is that the machine is moveable! The amount can range from ~$1,000 to $4,000+  per month.

How much does it cost to make a bag of ice?

Typically a bag of ice will cost under 20 cents to make, giving you a profit mark up of nearly 10x.

How much does an ice vending machine cost to operate?

Our machines have the lowest operating costs in the industry, due to our triple insulated design - the machine operates more like a cooler box rather than a refrigerator that pulls unnecessary electricity. 

What do I need to set up my ice machine?

You’ll need access to electric (single phase 220v and 110v) and a drain line (1/2 in). We will provide you with the in depth details of how to set up your machine. 

What’s an ideal location for an ice vending machine?

Any commercial location with high visibility and easy access. Examples include: Camp Grounds, Gas Stations,  Liquor Stores, RV Parks, Bait Shops, etc. Speak with someone on our team to determine where to start.

Ice Vending: A Unique Business Opportunity

Most people overlook the vast potential of having an ice vending business. Offering a far better ROI than most investments, owning one or several ice vending machines can provide passive income with minimal time required to maintain your machines. Simply sit back and let the money roll in! Here are some of the reasons why ice vending is a great idea:

  • Generate a new stream of income, while keeping your current job
  • Own your own movable money generating asset
  • Easy business model - be your own boss, work your own hours. No staff required.
  • Eco friendly: ice vending machines cut emissions released by 50%, and deliver 95% less carbon pollution compared to transporting ice.
  • Remote wireless business management systems available
  • Huge profit margins
  • Annuity income
  • Ice made on site is the way of the future

We take great pride in properly educating our clients on the ice industry to ensure they are successful. You can count on us for transparent advice, that most manufactures would never talk about. When it comes owning ice vending machines, there are certain “insider secrets” that are extremely important to your success. We’ll make sure you have the knowledge required to make a confident decision on which machine is right for you. Let’s talk ice!

Our Ice Vending Business Partners Get the Benefits Of:

Ice Vending Machine 24/7

Selling Ice Around The Clock

Ice Vending Machine Quick ROI

Quickest ROI In The Ice Industry

Ice Vending Machine Low Maintenance

Simple Operation & Maintenance

Ice Vending Machine No Franchise Fee

No Franchise Fees - Keep 100% of Profits

Ice Vending Machine Success Stories

Can’t say enough good things about The Ice Depot! We purchased our first (of hopefully many) ice vending machine in November and these folks are top notch! They delivered and setup our unit and even spent the night to make sure everything was working property and made sure we knew how to use everything properly. We would never even consider buying from anyone else. They are THE BEST! Thank you all so much!

- Jennifer Rogers

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